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If you love Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and you aren’t familiar with Moombahton, you should check it out. What is Moombahton? It is a genre within EDM similar to reggaeton which most EDM club aficionados are familiar with, especially its style and drum beats. For a Wiki that details the origin of Moombahton, visit, a comprehensive source on all genres of Electronic Dance Music.

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Moombahton is one of the newest styles of Electronic Dance Music, having been born on the turntables just a little over two years ago when DJ and Producer Dave Nada slowed down an Electro House track at a basement dance party from approximately 128 bpm to 108 bpm. That track just happened to be titled “Moombah” and thereafter, that particular genre of Electronic Dance Music became known as Moombahton. Dava Nada also produced the first Moombahton tracks, which featured his signature style along with Latin vocals. These seminal tracks set the pattern for the Moombahton drumbeats integrating bass drum beats with other drum beat types such as snare drum or bongos. This drumbeat pattern also prevails in Reggaeton and Soca (Afro dance rhythm from Trinidad / Tobago). Even though Dave Nada literally invented Moombahton, the DJ hasn’t laid down tight rules over other Moombahton artists…other than to state that to be considered Moombahton, a track has has to stay at 108bpm.

Some of the hottest Moombahton artists besides its originator Dave Nada are: Munchi, DJ Sabo who mixes in Latin flavor into his tracks, Heartbreak and DJ Melo.

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