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Teaching children Spanish or enhancing a child’s natural bilingual learning capability is easy with children’s music that is bilingual Spanish-English. There is a brand new cd album release featuring songs for learning Spanish titled “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish”. You can find out more about this children’s music album at Or if you are a teacher, educator or parent interested in educational material featuring bilingual songs for learning Spanish, you can buy the “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish” album by clicking the banner to buy the album at

Uno Dos Art 300x297 Bilingual Music Children

It’s critical more than ever for children to be bilingual in America and bilingual music children is a key to becoming fully bilingual. In many American cities, Spanish is rapidly becoming the predominant or co-dominant language. Where I live in Miami, Florida, it is estimated that 75% of the city’s population speaks Spanish as their first language. I plan on raising bilingual children. Songs for learning Spanish will be perfect educational material for my children to become bilingual Spanish-English. Children’s music makes it fun for children to learn. “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish” by Sing with Senor was developed for both teachers and students and parents and children. The feedback on the album has been very positive. As additional educational material, the Lyrics to the songs on “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish” can be downloaded or printed at and Lesson Plans are also included on the website so that teachers or parents can reinforce the learning experience within each song.

Buy the Album – on – Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish

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