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There’s a new U.S. Hispanic community online called estamos UNIDOS that is attracting Hispanics to explore what it means to be Hispanic in the Estados Unidos today. After a quick online sign-up (you can also sign up through Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo) you can join the community and start a discussion or share an opinion. You can participate en Ingles o en Espanol. When you join estamos UNIDOS, you can also read discussions and “Like” posts even if you don’t want to express yourself. This new Hispanic community online can especially help Latinos address serious issues and promote dialogue and discussion between Latinos on important topics that impact the largest minority in America, the Hispanic community.

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One of the biggest issues facing the Hispanic community is the lack of funding for art and music education programs in public schools across the country, especially in school systems in inner cities and in states like California, New Mexico and New York where school budgets are being cut and art and music programs are especially hit hard by budget number crunching. Of course, these states have a high population of Hispanics and a high percentage of Hispanic children attending these schools. Without formal education in art and music, this impacts the next generation of musicians and artists and especially Latino musicians and artists. While there are some private foundations that foster art and music programs in the Hispanic community, schools should be more resourceful about finding avenues to keep art and music programs alive. So, join today and be a part of estamos UNIDOS and also check out the estamos UNIDOS Facebook page.

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