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One of the biggest hurdles for native Spanish speakers in learning English is to learn Verbos en Ingles – verbs in English. English verbs are used differently than Spanish verbs and it takes some time and attention to acquire the knowledge on how to use English verbs correctly, and to especially learn the difference between regular and irregular verbs. Spanish is a much easier and consistent language related to its use of verbs than English.

At Linguim.com, you can learn a new language for free! Unlike Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur and similar language courses which cost hundreds of dollars, if you are a native English speaker, Linguim.com gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish, Portuguese, French or Latin for free! And if you are a native Spanish speaker, Linguim.com gives you the opportunity to learn English, Portuguese, French or Latin for free! Linguim is adding new languages to its site shortly, so check back soon for more new languages which will be available to learn for free. These new languages for English speakers will include Chinese, Italian, German, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Dutch and Polish. For Spanish speakers, this will include Polish.

Learning a new language can be a powerful communication tool for you to get a better job or to have more fun when traveling to a foreign country if you can speak the language with the people who live there. In addition, learning Latin has applications relative to different university degrees, including medical and law related degrees.

So if you are a Spanish speaker learning English, and need some tips on Verbos en Ingles and more language learning tips, be sure to consult Linguim.com.

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