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SVB Cuban American Dance Music Miami

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Miami, Florida has a brand new band hitting the Latin American music scene! The Cuban American Dance music group SVB is already making headlines with their cutting-edge tunes! Their name stems from the initials of the three member’s stage names: Seven (Michael Da La Nuez), Vitto (Cesar Cordero), and Bartet (Juan Bartet). They feature Cubano flavored rap which Seven performs with Vitto as DJ and back up vox. Bartet handles the songwriting. The most unbelievable thing about this band is that they have only been together since June of this year and already have tracks trending. Being Miami boys, the band brings a very distinct Cuban influence to their contagious dance sounds with years of experience under their belts.

Seven is an avid poet and loves literature, which has in turn fused the language barrier between Spanish and English with a sense of joining together quality cross language lyrics, creating more fans with varied musical tastes. Vitto’s profound ability to DJ has helped them monumentally gain a foothold in what it takes to survive in a rough dance music territory “In Miami”. And with his golden voice, Vitto adds a dimension that blends perfectly with Seven’s raps. To check them out, head over to their page on Facebook or their website at

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Pitbull Rapper

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Pitbull, born Armando Christian Perez, has been a hit since his debut in 2002 when he did an album with Lil’ Wayne. Lil’ Wayne who frequents Miami, Pitbull’s hometown, recognized Pitbull Rapper had the skillz. Pitbull’s music and hot music videos are popular in the US and Latin American countries. He’s been building momentum in the Latin rap community for a decade now. Perez is of Cuban decent and was born in Miami. While he is Cuban, he is a white Cuban, most likely of Castillian Spanish descent and has blue eyes, so early on, this was an issue for him getting cred in the Cubano community of Latino meztizas and criollas. His proving grounds were the streets of Miami, he began dealing drugs.

When he was sixteen his mother kicked him out of the house, because Pitbull was dealing and this was starting to threaten her safety. Yet that didn’t stop him from graduating from Miami Coral Park High School and starting his rapping career. When he was trying to start his music career, he got blown off a lot by record industry peeps who didn’t see the explosive market appeal of Latin rap. He gave an insider an explanation as to why he chose the stage name “Pitbull” by stating, “They bite to lock. And they’re outlawed in Dade County. They’re basically everything that I am. It’s been a constant fight.” His music has been in many films such as: 2 Fast 2 Furious, Easy A, Dance Flick, Step Up 2: The Streets etc. Check out his Youtube video “Suavamente” which has over 46 million views.

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Rome, Italy, Vatican Live Tours

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Interested in Rome, Italy, Vatican Live Tours? Have you dreamed of touring Vatican City and seeing the beautiful museums and sites in the most unique city in the world? Make your trip to Rome the most memorable it can be by taking a live Vatican Tour. What is even more impressive about taking a live Vatican Tour with the premier tour company Live Vatican Tours is that all of the tour guides are all native English speakers with academic backgrounds. This means you will be touring with the most knowledgeable tour guides who provide Vatican tour service.

Vatican Museum Tours Rome, Italy, Vatican Live Tours

You may have heard you can get on an economy Vatican tour if you’re willing to go in a large group and endure long lines. Is this really what you want? This is a trip of a lifetime for you and your travel companion(s) and no expense should be spared in seeing Vatican City or the world renowned Vatican museums, sculptures, architecture and paintings including St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Gardens. There are also tours which include the Christian catacombs, the Roman Forum and Coliseum. Private and semi-private tours are available. Of course, there is plenty to see in Rome, but you should set aside time for a Vatican Tour!

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Trade Show Exhibits Las Vegas

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The Design Factory features high quality, attention-getting and innovative booth displays, exhibition stands and trade show exhibits las vegas that you can either rent or buy. What makes the Design Factory stand out even more in the trade show exhibits las vegas marketplace is the level of service they provide and follow-through including complete set-up and take-down if needed.

Recently, The Design Factory was ultra excited to host a tv commercial for the Blackberry Torch 4G by AT&T featuring Paulina Rubio. Paulina is a multi-talented Mexican singer, model, actress and celebrity. Blackberry, AT&T and Paulina Rubio used the offices of The Design Factory because of their impressive design, instead of using a set to shoot this tv commercial. While Paulina Rubio appeared briefly in the commercial production as “the new boss”, The Design Factory spared no expense in providing a huge dressing room with all luxuries available regardless for this world renowned celebrity, which also showcased the level of service they provide all their clientele.

The bottom line is that The Design Factory doesn’t just feature impressive trade show exhibits and excellence in conceptualizing and designing exhibition stands, but their offices also speak for their creative design aesthetic and visual appeal.

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How to Play the Piano

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If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, there’s no need to pay for expensive one-on-one live lessons with a piano teacher. The trend in almost all learning methods is to go with online lessons, this includes learning foreign languages like Spanish to learning to play musical instruments. How to play the piano isn’t that difficult if you apply yourself to learning, meaning you must set aside time to learn how to play and to practice as well.

bestwaytolearnpiano 300x60 How to Play the Piano

Piano Music is beneficial to the soul as it expresses emotions and is a creative outlet. Imagine the joy and pride you will feel when you master learning how to play the piano, not only for yourself, but also to play for others. There is a lot of Piano Music you would probably love to be able to play on your piano. Why not start learning how to play the piano now? There is a long tradition of piano music in Latin Music and other styles of piano music from blues to jazz to classical to rock and more. If your piano is just something you dust every week, why? Don’t let that beautiful instrument just sit there, learn how to play the piano. It’s not difficult, especially if you follow detailed online courses that show you, step-by-step, how to play the piano.

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