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The internet and social media marketing offers you, as a performer, or your band, the ability to promote your music> online to a potential audience of billions of people who love music and enjoy downloading songs. “Liking” bands and performers on Facebook, watching Youtube video clips, following bands and performers on Twitter, attending live concert performances or watching live events streaming online are what music fans indulge in. And in addition, a percentage of those people will be the music experts and “authorities” which you need to attract to help promote your music and make your band go viral.

The book “Your Band Is A Virus”, written by James Moore, offers up the best tips and tricks to help music artists promote themselves, including cultivating music “authorities”. explores how your band can literally go viral if you follow the marketing advice and expertise which the author shares with you. Learn the ins and outs of music marketing to be successful in today’s highly competitive indie music scene. Less and less artists are being signed to recording contracts by record labels. The “major label music model” is essentially becoming more outdated as the internet and social media offer an immediate and accessible platform for indie music marketing that didn’t exist before.

IMP Indie Music Marketing

Independent Music Promotions offers indie bands and artists of all genres quality promotion services for their latest release. Check out for more details and download and read the ebook “Your Band is a Virus” to ramp up your music marketing and go viral.

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El Kallejero Desde Mi Corazon Album Release

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From Merceneri Records, a new album release by El Kallejero… El Kallejero’s debut release showcases the amazing Latin Pop, Musica Urbana and R&B singer performing 12 original tunes that came literally from within his heart. El Kallejero’s life has shaped his music and while his life has been tough, he offers up his own heart through his music which he sings to the streets, to Latin people and “to Love”. El Kallejero’s “Desde Mi Corazon” album just hit the streets on February 6th. The first single is “Tu Eres Para Mi” and is available at Merceneri Records website – – as well as at 500 digital stores including This first single also features the popular Latin hiphop artist Pelon. In addition to digital delivery, “Desde Mi Corazon” is available on CD, so if you prefer owning and playing a CD to digital media, check your local music stores in the Latin Music or Urban Music (Musica Urbana) sections as the CD will be shipped to over 86 countries around the world.

For more information about El Kallejero, bookings, record distro, etc., contact Ernesto Neri of Merceneri Records via email at In store appearances are planned, so if you would like to coordinate an in store appearance by El Kallejero in support of his record release, email Ernesto to discuss the details. Since music speaks louder than words, here is the music video for “Tu Eres Para Mi” featuring El Kallejero:

The song combines an ethereal dreamy R&B flavor contrasted with an urban Latin rap ritmo. Would you like to discover a new Latin Music star before he goes viral? Then discover El Kallejero now so you can say you knew about his music before the whole Latino world did.

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Mana Tickets

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Looking for the best place to buy Mana Tickets for their upcoming 2012 shows? is your source for Mana Tickets, updates on Mana concert events and Mana news. You can buy your Mana tickets online or call the ticket office toll free number during business hours: 800-801-8425 to place your order.

Mana is a Latin music group that has been blessed with longevity as Mana has spanned several decades since their humble start in Guadalajara, Mexico back in the late 70′s. While different band members have left and others have joined this Latin supergroup, the music is fantastico. Mana has a style all their own that has been described as a fusion of pop rock, Latin rock along with some Caribbean island influences including calypso and reggae. Mana sell out large venues whenever they tour and they tour worldwide. Their fans love the band and their music and you can hear their fans singing to their live songs, yes, their fans are so enamored with their favorite banda, they know the words to each Mana song. Each Mana live show is an event, full of amazing energy and a stunning light show that complements the style of each song. Mana performs a mix of their popular ballads, love songs, and rock songs.

You don’t want to miss seeing Mana perform live this year. They will be playing live in only 36 US cities, so check out the live Mana concert locations this year and purchase your Mana Tickets now before they sell out!

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Juanes Tickets

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If you want to see the hottest Colombian superstar on tour in 2012 (no not Shakira!), then you should get your Juanes Tickets ahora! Juanes sings only en espanol, yes, he is a purist when it comes to his Latin raices (roots). And even if you are not Latino, the energy, the beauty and the emotion of his songs shines through. Juanes puts on an amazing live show, usually with a rock style band featuring Juanes on guitar and of course, vocals. But Juanes will typically also play a few songs solo acoustic. Juanes is not only an amazing performer and songwriter, he is also an activist for many causes impacting Latin people, not only in Colombia, but in Cuba and Latin America. When you go to a Juanes show, you are also supporting Juanes’ efforts for la paz, for unity, for helping victims of landmines, for la libertad! Juanes is sometimes referred to as the Colombian Bono (U2) because he has grown larger than his music as far as his influence in many important charitable causes. He has also garnered many Grammy awards, continually tops the Latin music charts and fills venues in the US, Latin America and also in Europe.

Don’t miss this chance to see Juanes on tour in 2012. You can buy your tickets online at and choose your seating at the venue closest to you. has seats available in all areas at every venue where Juanes will be touring. Pay securely online and then your tickets can be Fed Ex’d to you or you can pick up your tickets at one of 1,000 ticket outlets, choose one close to you if you prefer to pick up your tickets in person. Or call 888-216-9668 to order your tickets in person during ticket office business hours.

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Mana & Prince Royce Reach No. 1 on Billboard Latin Songs – Fox News

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Mana & Prince Royce Reach No. 1 on Billboard Latin Songs
Fox News
Getty Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet Related Stories Prince Royce Becomes Top-Selling Latino Music Artist in US Prince Royce back at No. 1 on Billboard Latin Albums chart Prince Royce Makes First English Album Mexican rock icons Maná …

and more

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Free Freestyle Music Download from Sekrett Scilensce Secret

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Freestyle music is back! If you’re not familiar with Freestyle Music a.k.a. Latin Hip-Hop, Electro Music and High-NRG music, or if you are, you need to download a new Freestyle Music tune from Sekrett Scilensce, “The Love is Sound”. What makes Sekrett Scilensce different from other Latin Hip-Hop performers is the high production values and 100% real vocals. Sekrett Scilensce does not use auto-tuned vocals or other vocal effects (robotic type vocal performances). Instead, Sekrett Scilensce actually performs vox on Secret Silence songs.

The post-performance aesthetic that Sekrett Scilensce upholds is that Sekrett Scilensce is against “forced-distribution” mechanisms which control the way that freestyle music aficionados can download their music. Instead, Sekrett Scilensce offers distro of high quality Secret Silence Songs (320kbps) MP3s freely on the internet. Use your Android Kindle or other handheld, tablet, smart phone or mobile devices for Free Access and the Freedom to get The Music without additional registration (yknow, intrusion on your privacy). So, yes, the new freestyle music “The Love is Sound” is free for public download and sharing. Get the song free at the official webpage! “The PHP to HTML cross platform treatment to deliver content throughout 2012 is a step in the right direction, undoubtedly. It is hoped that music lovers feel similarly and continue to obtain future music releases via this method,” Secret Silence expanded more on his beliefs about online music delivery.

Sekrett Silence explained more about his Freestyle music aesthetic, “A lot of people have told me over the years that they miss certain styles of music and particularly, the lyrical themes that were conveyed through them. [The Love Is Sound] harkens back to Freestyle and chivalric romance, a la the traditional outline of value s as supposed to the digital interpretations of on demand romancing.”

ss tlis blogstargirl 300x300 Free Freestyle Music Download from Sekrett Scilensce Secret

Brief bio on Sekrett Scilensce: composer and producer of Classical and Electronic Eurasian crossover music with piano and synthesizers as primary instruments, has also co-produced and distributed collaborative works for the music publishing industry, with a special focus on licensing and acquisitions.

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